Weelam Ngalut (our place)

Weelam Ngalut (Our Place) welcomes students and visitors of Monash University to learn and speak languages of the First Peoples of Australian east coast – Koories, Goories, Murri’s and Wik peoples.

Weelam Ngalut (Our Place) marks our presence in the land here.

Talk with us, learn with us and walk with us to a place of knowledge, a place of sharing culture and a place for learning.

First we learn to speak, then we see the leaves of the trees in the path which guide us to the Weelam and the Tarnuk. The Weelam is a form of Aboriginal architecture and reminds us of humbleness and the time before big buildings. It provides shelter from the wind and a place to have fire for warmth and cooking. The Tarnuk is a permanent water vessel for the home made from a gnarl in a big old tree, hollowed and burnt out by hand.

Look closely at the Tarnuk, you can see the work of the ancestors.

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