2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres

Excited to be one of the artists in the Adelaide Biennial 2020.

‘Monster Theatres proposes an arena of speculation, a circus of the unorthodox and the absurd, a shadow play between truth and fiction. The title is inspired by a group of provocative Australian artists. Their urgent works of art are warnings made manifest. These theatres are theirs.’ Leigh Robb, Curator, Monster Theatres

In response to the curatorial premise, artists are invited to make visible the monsters of now. Curator Leigh Robb says, ‘Monsters ask us to interrogate our relationships with each other, the environment and technology. They force us to question our empathy towards difference across race, gender, sexuality and spirituality. The term ‘monster’ comes from Latin monere, to warn, and monstrare, to make visible.’

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Adelaide Biennial 2020 runs 29 February to 8 June.